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Welcome to, Home of Dav-Mar IT Consulting and Graphic Design. We are under construction, so check back soon for more information & updates.

About Us

About 'Us'

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Dav-Mar is the domain name for D. "Ross," a long time Systems Engineer and Photoshop enthusiast. Dav-Mar gets its name from a running joke for the Ross Brothers, DAVid and MARk. Our mother told us as kids we should start a company named Dav-Mar, so when picking a domain name the choice was easy. I guess you could say my Mom named the company! Some of the services I provide are:

Our Services

Systems Support

Windows Systems, Networking & Wireless, Hardware Support. The Classics.

Managed IT Services

Microsoft 365, Google Apps, SaaS, The Cloud. The future is in services, and so are we.

Project Management

Migrations, Moves, Upgrades, Integrations, Dissolutions, the only constant is change.

The Smart Home

We live in the world of Lady Voltemort (She who shall not be named ... for she will answer!) Make her work for you.

Experience & Perspective

I have over 20 years experience in IT, Systems, & Helpdesk. I'm also passionate about future tech like AI & SaaS.

Graphics Design

I do web graphics and photoshopping as a hobby & have started to progress that into something a bit better.

Find Out More

Ready to find out more?

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Interested in our employment or services? Look us up using one of the social media platforms listed above, fill out our contact form below, or book an appointment at the link. We look forward to hearing from you!

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